W3_Elifnur Kedikli

As a manipulative reader, the presentation of the architectural products as wonderful images for users has been criticized in this work. The city is reflected as one piece of product which looks like designed perfectly by individuals or a group of architects. But in reality, the city is a product of collective mind which may not include just architects. Its imperfection reflects the real perfection and harmony. Artificial harmony is far away from a organicly grown city scape.

w3-Elifnur Kedikli

Credits: ARCHI Architectural Magazine, September 2004 issue

Service station, Oliva, Valencia, 1960 by Juan Haro Piñar

Atelier de Montrouge, Ivry-sur-Seine, 1963-1967 by Pierre Riboulet, Jean Renaudie, Gérard Thurnauer and Jean-Louis Vére
Tower house, Tokyo, 1966 by Takamitsu Azuma
TOKI Buildings, İzmir, 2013

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