w4 – irem kızmazcan


“… What, then, does Bauen, building, mean? building, means to dwell …”

“…Who gives us a standard at all by which we can take the measure of the nature of dwelling and building?..”

Quotations are taken from Building Dwelling Thinking by Martin Heidegger from Poetry, Language

I think that the architect is always the director in the context of the intervention he/she makes in the both design and construction process. On the bottom right corner of the collage with the concepts that came out from  the architect’s mind, location, importance of light, sustainability, similarities, limits of material, are the parameters of him during the all design and construction process. The other photographs in the collage are taken from the architect’s projects, drawings, sketches except the one on the upper left. On the whole collage it tries to emphasize that the architect’s mind is in the position of director.

*Photos are taken from the Power Point Presentation of Ahmet İğdirligil.

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