The collage represents one of the mediums of architecture: the sound. In this work, the idea was to represent an aural architecture production in a collage/image/sketch. In Serpentinata, Bernard Leitner creates a space which is defined with its own structure, the sound of the loud speakers along the structure and human body inside of it. Generally, the works of Leitner was represented in a sketch which explains the idea of the created ‘aural architecture’ -Serpentinata features a video. The work of Leitner creates layered spaces. Sound, curved structure and human body: each defines a different layer of a space. The structure with the sounds of the loud speakers creates a flowing architecture almost like a living organism. The human body inside the installation was directed with the loud noises, and sets boundaries with loudlines and structure in those routes. The collage seeks to explain the multi-layered spaces and the experience -also uses the sketch and visuals as the changed media of the sound and Serpentinata’s video.

Reference: Oscar Lopez. “Bernhard Leitner: Sound Spaces” 23 Sep 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 Mar 2018. <https://www.archdaily.com/168979/bernhard-leitner-sound-spaces/&gt;

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