Tracing the footsteps of Empire State Building through movies and photos. Searching different ways of expressing architecture by creating new mediums.

Movies in Collage;

Independence Day(1996), King Kong (1933), King Kong (2005), Affair to Remember(1957), Downtown 81 (Jean-Michel Basquiat), Doctor Who “Daleks in Manhattan” (TV Series), Jumper(2008), Lunch atop Skyscraper(Photo)

Movies in Video: New York City & Empire State Promotional Movie  “ALL ABOUT NEW YORK”,  Downtown 81 (Jean-Michel Basquiat), Tom and Jerry ( A Mouse in Manhattan), Lauryn Hill – Everything Is Everything (Music Video), Empire State Building Construction “Making A Skyscraper” (Documentary), Affair to Remember(1957), Window Cleaners on the Empire State Building(1938), The Making Of Empire State Building (Documentary), King Kong (1933), King Kong (2005), STROSZEK (1977), Burning Blue (2013), The Day After Tomorrow (2004) ,Life After People “Heavy Metal” (TV Series)

Empire State collage



Additional Video for fun; Independence Day(1996), Frank Sinatra-New York, New York (Music Video)

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