W6 F Melike Baltalar


As we consider the spatial hegemony. We first realize that religious buildings are the one of the remarkable buildings represents an authority. The god is the most powerful figure for all the believers. God controls and knows everything. Any person who believe can feel the god anywhere but mostly in religious buildings such as churches, mosques…
Places such as church, mosques etc. create an authority even with their presence and they affect the urbanization that develops around them. These buildings control the space and the people  with its architectural features in various forms such as height, plan and with the hierarchy that it has in it.
When we analyze these buildings we can easily read the control effects of them and see the separation of people according to the closeness of the god. (hierarchy) (for example priest has right to stand at the altar. Because he is a religious leader in the place and he has the god’s words and he can understand these words from anyone else)

sources: https://melbournedean.wordpress.com/2015/03/17/walking-in-the-light-of-life-bringing-others-to-jesus/









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