w7 / Gamze Kaya

air w7

spatial instruments of control/repetition/people/relations

The reflection of the processes, repetitive actions, user interfaces in a shopping mall in İstanbul versus a cultural center/museum, Centre Pompidou in Paris. The control mechanisms arranged through architectonic elements, repetitive patterns, special plan schemes, environmental control of sound, light, temperature as well as physical barriers thresholds and controllers.

the video

Reference for sources                          https://abdullahsarki.blogspot.com.tr/2013/12/tuketici-davranislari-ve-alisveris.html https://images.adsttc.com/media/images/55e6/587d/4d8d/5dd1/7300/05d8/slideshow/planos-y-modelos-04.jpg?1441159289            https://abdullahsarki.blogspot.com.tr/2013/12/tuketici-davranislari-ve-alisveris.html https://i.pinimg.com/originals/81/6c/0b/816c0b97d3816f1345299e39760e02c0.jpg




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