w7_Irmak Fermen


Istanbul Cevahir Shopping mall also includes some mechanisms and principles which can be observed majority of the shopping malls.  Design is tend to manipulate user and consuming dynamics with variable elements and  it can create different meanings in different parts of it. SECURITY. SECURE. BE SAFE. YOU ARE SAFE. YOU CAN SAFELY CONSUME. ENJOY. These are inevitable principles that shopping malls are promoted by.  So thinking about the origin of shopping malls ” city markets, bazaars, center square, gathering people, meeting point..” it brings us the word ” PUBLIC” , It was the essence/ now it comes together with the word “SECURITY”, it is PROMOTED with so called ” safety” and here we are , reaching the point of enlightenment- PUBLIC USE : becomes a very fancy word in very recent projects, but no longer possible. Ironically, that makes people feel even more insecure then ever.

Now there is a barrier . Everywhere, part of the daily life, metro entrances, schools, shops, malls..; tired ‘beep’ sounds of the X-rays, ignorant eyes of the securities.


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