W7-ZeynepArancı / SefaKoyun

w7Cevahir Shopping Mall VS Taksim

The aim of this work was to determine the control elements; repeated spaces and actions; similarities and contrasts between Cevahir Shopping Mall and another area which we select as Taksim for our group work.  The light was controlled by  glass ceilings in the shopping mall and it is provided by using transplarent-translucent-opaque elements. The most successful control elements were the landscapping elements that was used around the glass triangle. They were like invisible control elements. We also observed non- physical borders between the shops and halls of shopping mall. These non- physical borders were provided by using different floor types. The vertical circulation elements were most significant repeated elements which bound the repeated floors. Finally we compared  these control elements and repeated spaces in Cevahir Shopping Mall with Taksim. Taksim is a open space with uncontrolled entrances while the shopping mall has securities in each entrances. The shopping mall has vertical circulation with its floors during Taksim has a just flat surrounding.

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