The shopping malls are the temples of this age. Many similarities can be easily seen when an iconographic comparison of these shopping centers with temples in ancient times is made. For example, the use of staircases in the entrance to the temples. The staircases encountered in many religious architectures, represent the effort to reach the desired point and subliming step by step. Also, the gate is a threshold between ordinary life and “perfect heaven”. From this threshold, only allowed persons may pass. And there are reliefs describing myths on the facades and pediments of the temples. This can be likened to advertising sign panels in the shopping malls. Because the purpose of these ads is not just to promote and increase the sales of goods. Besides, consumption culture and its lifestyle are constantly preached in these medium.
It is also possible to make another comment about the the topic by the theory of psychoanalysis. The mother’s womb, which is the first environment where people contact with the world, can be described as “lost heaven”. Similar to the mother’s womb, these shopping malls create environments where there is no a safety hazard, where temperature and environmental conditions are ideal to live, where everything is like unlimited. Perhaps these unconscious associations are an influence that attract people to these malls. But the only difference here is that nothing is complimentary.

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