w7 – Elif Koçberber – Elifnur Kedikli



      The movie is created with the movie clips that are taken in Cevahir mall.
The mall is like a machine itself. It has its own systems and wheels that are working harmoniously just like a clock. It includes mechanisms, components, orders, functions, sources, inputs and outputs. Like a machine, it consumes and produces. There are particular actions which are repetitive in the malls like the turning wheels of the clock. Basically, human movements, escalators, elevators, water movement, advertisement boards are the examples of these wheels. They all have their own patters, orders and control mechanisms. They direct and restrict people behaviors and actions.
     To be able to control the mechanism, there are some controlling elements in this machine. Artificial boundaries, boundaries created by light and shadow, boundaries created by human bodies and actions, orders, loops, circulation paths, corridors, functional differences between spaces are some of these controlling elements.



Hugo movie openning scene 


Charlie Chaplin Factory Scene Late Afternoon  



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