w7-sena kurçenli



SHORT MOVIE Rigid Way of Urban Life:Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are new era urban centers. They have urban squares, cafes faces to the squares, restaurants etc. But is it really possible to place shopping malls into the urban centers? I think it is not possible because the person is not free as it is sitting at the banch. Everyting is emerging you as “Spend more, spend more. There are sales here, there are sales there.” After I entered the mall it is kind of choking me, forcing me to buy something. For example, the shopping malls have big empty spaces middle of it and you take a round around that empty space at every floor. It is again a strategy for the  stores since I have to look for their showcase. As a result, shopping malls are urban areas where everybody is controlled with the advertisement policies and archiectural tricks; but there is something missing: soul.


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