w7_F Melike Baltalar



As themselves shopping malls are system complexes. They basically work like machines. People are cogwheels in the system/building. They are responsible of continuity of the system. System consists of these pieces/cogwheels and it gets its power from these pieces. But also it controls and leads the pieces/people.

In the video also two different buildings(ITU Taskisla Faculty and Cevahir Mall) compared two each other and found similarities and differences.



sources: Modern Times (Movie-1936), Mechanical Principles by Ralp Steiner(Short Movie-1930)

image: http://www.haberdukkani.com/haber/yargitay-hirsizliktan-alisveris-merkezi-sorumlu-1111_504277.html

music: Boris Brejcha – I am a Maschine

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