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Architecture has effects on us; it can change how we feel, how we behave or what we do. On this issue, Cevahir mall is analyzed as a control mechanism and also a panopticon. In Discipline and Punish(1975) Michel Foucault describes the panopticon as the ideal architectural model for a prison. According to Foucault, hierarchical observation, normalizing judgement and examination are 3 techniques of control to establish a panopticon. Conditions to enter a mall security, metal detectors, x-rays are all hierarchical observations and the mall is not a public place more like a heterotopic site.

Heterotopias always presuppose a system of opening and closing that both isolates them
and makes them penetrable. In general, the heterotopic site is not freely accessible like a
public place. Either the entry is compulsory, as in the case of entering a barracks or a
prison, or else the individual has to submit to rites and purifications. To get in one must
have a certain permission and make certain gestures (Foucault b, 7).

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Dialog in the video from “Malls r us” (2009)

Video music: The Grid Part One, Koyaanisqatsi

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