w8_Irmak Fermen


As a student; Taskisla has always been a place like a labyrinth for us. It has been always difficult to perceive where every corridor, every exit, every elevator arrive. So because of its nature, it derives you to discover new things, places, and makes you walk around, sometimes get lost while you are searching for another class. As a student you don’t mind this, you are never alone ( mostly with friend- friends) , and you even enjoy this sometimes. You use different spaces for multiple purposes and you use basically most of it. Now working here, you are alone, not communicating much, use the same route and getting far away from its atmosphere, isolated from what’s happening other places and just focusing on what you are doing and you start to realize you always choose the same spots, minimum distances for efficiency of your limited time .. and even locations of the toilets annoys you because you need to walk a lot to reach one of them. You use canteen  or dining hall in different hours( preferably avoiding rush hour). Once you had been enjoying your breaks on the third floor maybe with the view , you don’t anymore because it seems too far, or even you just use max. 4 squaremeter of the courtyard during your breaks once you were sitting  every spot, lying down and getting rest variable spaces in it. It becomes a routine, and definite.



taskisla plans : http://mim.itu.edu.tr/kat-planlari/

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