W8_irem san

-Gülşen Abla- issue 8

In this issue it is tried to reflect a day of our dearest Gülşen Abla according to her interview. The interview’s medium is changed as a diary format. As a editor I want to add a motto of her while I am closing.


Böyle strafor gibi bir şey var mı?

Hayır, hiç de olmadı.


Dear diary,

This semester I begin to open the store more late like 09.00. It took nearly half an hour and I sweept the floor before Gulcan arrived because she doesn’t like dust 🙂 The students came to buy like small items; like a pen or a tracing paper, I don’t know what would we do if the first grades do not come. It would go out of business and we had to go somewhere else.

I went to Ortabahce’s poolside to drink my tea. This spot was where we did a tea party with small group of students at weekend. I made a carrot cake, it felt just like a yesterday. Spending time with students makes me happy, gives me peace. Some of them visits us after their graduation. Did you know that a boy from Entas works at Survivor as racetrack desinger in Dominican Republic? I should go now, we should eat something with Gulcan because the road to our home is long. Maybe fruits or nuts, not sure.



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