This is the online archive for the elective course “Architecture in Relation” (officially named as “Architecture and its Effects”) in 2017-2018 Spring semester at ITU Faculty of Architecture.

Architecture, whether in the form of ideas, built or unbuilt work, representation, text, discourse or process,  can be considered as a stimulator of spatial, social, economic, ideological or aesthetic, etc. influences. This course aims to reconsider architecture, not as an isolated discipline, but as a praxis that dwells inside and triggers a larger dynamic, complex and contingent field of relationships. Through lectures, seminars, on-site investigations and designerly research using various modes of documentation, the semester will focus on exploring, understanding, reviewing and representing contemporary architectural production and discourse -including current examples in Istanbul- in relation to their experiential, socio-cultural, material, environmental etc. effects.

This course is run by Lecturer PhD. Sevgi Türkkan, together with Research Assistants Buse Özçelik and Çağdaş Kaya.

The content of the course is as follows:


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