This interview was made from short parts of a chat break that included of people from different occupations in Taşkışla.

Where is your favorite place in Taşkışla ?

– I don’t know,  top floors come to me very formal, I don’t like so much those places, I like the back side.

– I can not stay very much in closed places for long, I love free places

– He reads the newspaper in the backyard.

– we like to stay place like here.

– And, most of the students do not know that there is a backyard

– As far as I know it will be a landscape planning, maybe it will attract more interest from the students.

– Actually, in this topic, if you will ask that “Are the workers in Taşkışla happy or unhappy?” you can get very different answers. But you said “how your working environment is ?”, the answer is “as you see!”

What could be better in Taşkışla ?

– Everything has to be changed in Taşkışla

– I want a gym in Taşkışla

– The gyms are already everywhere

– There is nothing in the socially

– The workers are asking social places where they relax at noon.

– There is nothing here except a circle of friends

– There are lots of shortcomings in model studios, there are also other shortcomings. Workshop deficiencies must be made up first.

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